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Obras y discos del pianista Iván Martín

Get to know the discography of pianist Iván Martín

Bruch, Brahms & Schubert: Chamber Woks


"Stellar level of performance". Malcolm Hayes, BBC Music Magazine, July 2019.

Bruch, Brahms & Schubert: Chamber Woks Bruch, Brahms & Schubert: Chamber Woks

Beethoven: Piano concertos Nos. 2 & 1

Reviews in specialized media

“Welcome this album [...] It is a magnificent achievement in every respect, demonstrating the quality, flexibility, and cohesion of the orchestra, and highlighting the sensitivity and musical qualities of its conductor, the Canarian pianist Iván Martín, who is increasingly embracing the role of conductor [...] Martín intelligently leverages these values and achieves in these performances a unique sound quality, remarkable elasticity, and impeccable intonation; and above all, a very eloquent “cantabillità”, in which he knows how to immerse himself and revel to achieve unity, coherence, and clarity. These are, moreover, qualities that adorn him as a pianist with refined and polished timbre, varied and expressive phrasing, and undeniable precision. It seems to us that everything has been meticulously measured and calibrated in these approaches to two of the composer's early works, and everything functions smoothly without dead spots in a highest level discoursel.” Scherzo Magazine, February 2015

“[…] Iván Martín's performance embodies the principle of necessary simplicity, in the best sense, when it comes to interpretation. We can almost imagine him smiling as his fingers glide over the piano with the nimble tapping that characterizes his style: slightly dramatic and extremely delicate in the slow movements, always with the right amount of intensity, and very playful and agile in the fast tempi of the third movements. Needless to say, his virtuosity, always controlled, shines in the cadenzas […] In short, it is a great interpretation whose greatest virtue, beyond the high quality of the recording, is the interest it generates in the listener as it embraces the challenges of conducting, performing, and musicology.” Doce Notas Magazine, May 2015

Beethoven: Piano concertos Nos. 2 & 1 Beethoven: Piano concertos Nos. 2 & 1

Mozart - Schröter Piano Concertos


“Martín meticulously uncovers everything surrounding a score and only when he believes he has learned everything about it does he feel satisfied. Only then can he sit at the piano and show his audience how he understands the score, the work, and the life of the composer.” Variaciones Magazine, October 2011

“[…] In summary, the excellent work, both interpretive and musicological, presented by Warner Music captivates the listener from the very first minute with the almost chamber-like quality of the scores, the complete harmony and unity between the soloist and the ensemble, and the modern approach that, without losing any of the principles of the classical style, characterizes Martín's intelligent and pleasing phonographic proposal.” Melómano Magazine, February 2012

“Iván Martín has become one of the most brilliant emerging Spanish soloists in recent years. After his magnificent renditions of Antonio Soler's sonatas, in this new album, along with the newly founded Galdós Ensemble, he explores with freshness and spontaneity these three concertos by a young Mozart and another concerto by his contemporary, Johann Samuel Schröter […] A breath of fresh air for the listener.” Babelia Magazine, May 2012

Mozart - Schröter Piano Concertos Mozart - Schröter Piano Concertos

Antonio Soler: Sonatas


"It's an elaborate and personal process of creation [...] that's the news: Iván Martín not only possesses good pianism, but above all, he has the ability to express opinions, to contemplate how he wants the music of the past to be." Ritmo Magazine, November 2010

“Gran-Canarian pianist displays large doses of musicality and nuances without diminishing or overexploiting the piano, creating a festive atmosphere full of winks in the faster sonatas.” Audio Clásica magazine, No.161

“With compelling arguments, good taste, and manifest resources, Iván Martín delivers a Soler as valuable as the best [...] He has boldly characterized Soler's music, and the result exudes substance and the unavoidable interest that always arises from the performance of a true artist. Iván Martín is one.” Scherzo magazine, january 2011

“Soler's style is translated with personal daring by the young Canary Islands maestro, who, with ample technique, renders the composer's qualities through sensational work [...] We invite you to rediscover Soler's sonatas with this sound as modern and convincing as the one captured by Iván Martín in this album, a future benchmark in phonographic recordings not too far ahead..” Melómano magazine, January 2011

Antonio Soler: Sonatas Antonio Soler: Sonatas

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